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Sorry the report is late. I didn't get home until after midnight and my brain was fried. David Hewlett's autograph session lasted over 4 hours because he insisted on talking to everyone and personalizing every autograph even though Creation told him not to. I was #502 in line.

I had a convention first this weekend, which is saying something because I've been going to cons for 26 years. The button on my jeans separated into its 2 component parts during the first panel and fell off. Since I wasn't staying at the hotel (I only live about 25 minutes away) and had nothing else to change into, I had to hunt up a hotel maintenance man and borrow his pliers to put my pants back together. I'm sure that's a story that will be retold in the maintenance department for some time to come.

But on to the part you actually care about: the panels.

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Dan Shea )

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After Michael's panel, I waited 4 hours for David Hewlett's autograph. Michael started slightly after David and finished his whole line while David was on Row J. David was reading his personalizations out loud as he was signing, and it was like listening to a stand-up routine. I asked him how sorry he was that he'd ever introduced Joe to Twitter and he said he regretted it every second.

Then I went home and fell on my face and slept for 11 hours. I remember when I used to be able to do a whole con weekend on minimal sleep and food. Apparently I need to start acting my age.

Oh, and there won't be a report on Sunday because I only attended the con on Friday and Saturday.
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So, I was watching the Stargate prop auctions on eBay as a spectator sport again and decided to bid after all. I thought the SG-1 communicator earpiece would jump out of my price range like the SGA earpiece did last week, but it didn't. I won it with one bid. It didn't even go for half my maximum bid!

I also wasn't planning to bid on the Genii portable lamp thing until I read the description more closely and found out it worked. That one was more exciting. I upped my maximum bid by $10 at the last minute, and that made the difference between me winning by $5 and me losing by $5.

Since I now have one prop from each show, I think I'm set unless something really super awesome yet still affordable comes up in the next round of auctions.

I just can't believe how little things have been selling for this time around. Previous Stargate prop auctions have never had anything even close to my price range.
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It's so sad to see the Stargate fandom kind of waning. SG-1 and Atlantis have both been canceled, and there hasn't been a lot of enthusiasm for Universe that I've seen so far (when we were asked twice from the stage yesterday if we were looking forward to Universe, there was only a tiny pocket of tepid applause in response). The attendance at this con isn't even close to matching the attendance at Creation's Supernatural cons, where even the one day general admission tickets sell out. For this con, even the autograph and photo op tickets didn't sell out for any of the guests.

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There won't be a Day 2 report because I'm not at the con today, but I will be there tomorrow and taking plenty of notes.
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For a time travel episode, it wasn't half bad.

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So, it's the end of the road. The very last ep ever of SG-1. I wish I could feel something. I used to love SG-1. I watched every rerun, read all the fic, and bought the merchandise. But the show I loved so much was mortally wounded in season 6 and has been twitching in its death throes for 4 1/2 seasons. The only thing I feel now is relief that someone finally put the show out of its misery.

Why did I keep on watching it if I didn't like it so much, you ask? Because I hated season 3, but the show bounced back. Every now and again, they'd throw me a good ep and I'd find myself hoping that this would finally be the ep where the show turned itself around. But it never happened.

And now it's over.

Spoilers )

I was really hoping the show would manage to go out with a bang, but I was just as bored as SG-1 was. It's a fitting legacy for what the show has become, but the show it used to be deserved more.
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Boy, I got a lot of housework done during SG-1 (and anyone who knows me at all knows how very much I hate cleaning and how much I'd rather be doing anything else...except, apparently, watching SG-1).

SGA, on the other hand, was great fun.

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