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Breakfast this morning was a sit-down group affair with a hot breakfast instead of a buffet. It was oddly like the last day of summer camp. People were taking group pictures of new friends and passing around slips of paper to collect email addresses to keep in touch with people.

Breakfast was followed by the charity auction, but I couldn't stay. I'd been hoping to leave early in the morning, but I didn't want to miss the breakfast. I made the 560 mile drive home safely and am about to start plowing through the 307 emails I got while I was gone. I don't even want to think about how many friends pages I need to go through on LJ.

Anyway, I had a really good time at the con, and I hope Tonya and Emily decide to do it again next year.
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Breakfast was the same as yesterday (provided by the con), but there was more conversation this time. There are so few people here that everyone had met new people and most of the con was on a first name basis by this point.

Panel session #1 was Psych 101: Sam Winchester, which I hosted with Karen W. I was a little worried about going first thing in the morning because everybody is usually pretty bleary-eyed that early in the morning on Day 2 of a con, but everybody was great. We managed to talk for the full hour and still not cover all the topics Karen and I had come up with. I had never met Karen before this weekend, but we turned out to have very compatible hosting styles, so I thought we meshed well. The funny thing was that the room was mostly full of Dean girls. There were two con badges to choose from at registration, a Sam one and a Dean one. Dean outnumbers Sam 2 to 1 (poor Sammy). I was expecting to see a small group of Sam badges at the panel this morning, but there were only 4 (me, Karen, and 2 audience members). All the rest were Dean girls, but we had a great time talking about Sam. I was expecting more people, but we were on opposite a panel hosted by K Hanna Korossy and Jeanne Gold. If I hadn't had to be at this panel, I would have gone to theirs, too. They were joking with me at breakfast because they had actually wanted to attend this panel, but we were all stuck because we were on opposite each other.

For session #2, I attended Life, Death, and Krazy Glue hosted by MistWraith and Wolve2110, which was a discussion of our favorite on-screen brother moments.

There was a lunch break (a buffet provided by the con), then panel session #3, which was a no-conflict session. We all attended a presentation by a representative from Paranormal Activity Investigators, who talked about what her group does and how. I wish she had spent more time explaining the investigative process, because that part was interesting. Much of the session was actually spent listening to EVP recordings. I didn't hear any of the words she claimed to have heard. Interestingly enough, many audience members couldn't either until she read the transcript, then they could suddenly hear it. That's the primary reason I don't believe in EVP. She also said that even though they use new audio tape for each recording, they don't listen to the tape first, which makes me wonder if the EVP is actually a tape artifact. I was also interested to find out that the whole theory about EMF being possible evidence of paranormal activity can actually be traced back to a horror movie and not any scientific study (can you tell I read Skeptical Inquirer?).

For session #4, I attended Metallicar and Other Perks of the Trade hosted by the 2 Robs. Both are very knowledgeable about weapons and talked about how realistic the weapon choices and uses were on Supernatural (they were both very impressed). They also brought examples of weapons used on the show that they both own (real ones, not replicas).

The only panel offered in session #5 was a spoiler panel, so I skipped it.

For session #6, I attended He's Not Heavy hosted by JM Griffin, Wolve2110, and MistWraith, which was a discussion of Sam and Dean's relationship.

The theme party just ended. I didn't win any of the raffles. ::sobs:: There's a classic rock karaoke party going on now, but that's not really my thing, so I'm calling it a night. And I have to get off the computer anyway because my time is up.
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It turns out that the con hotel has a couple of computers available for guests in a lobby alcove, so I don't have to depend on the wi-fi tonight. I only get the computer for half an hour though, so I'll have to type fast.

The morning started with a breakfast buffet (bagels, fruit, yogurt) courtesy of the con.

After that, there were panel sessions, with 2 panels running per session. In session #1, I went to Scenes on the Cutting Room Floor hosted by Jeanne Gold and K Hanna Korossy. We kind of went through episode by episode and talked about scenes that we wish had been included in the show.

I skipped session #2 to go shopping in the dealer room. It was pretty small. I was kind of disappointed that no one had Nevermore, but despite having bought out MediaWest in zines, I still found 3 new zines that I didn't have: Pack of Two, Rooftop Confessions 2, and Supernatural Special Gen Collection #1. I also bought a mini Impala license plate to put up in my cubicle at work (my cube is a small shrine to my fandoms, right down to my SG-1 desktop wallpaper).

There was a small lunch break (with lunch provided by the con), followed by more panel sessions. In session #3, I went to The I.Q. and Lifestyle of Geekboy hosted by Black_Wingedbird, Caricube, and Evesong. People were kind of suffering from a post lunch lethargy, but we still managed to talk about our favorite Smart!Sam moments.

In session #4, I hosted a Wee!chester panel. It took awhile to wake everybody up from the post lunch coma, but I got most people talking by the end.

In session #5, I went to How Far Did the Apples Fall from the Tree? hosted by MistWraith (a.k.a. Marcia Brin), Judy, and Wolve2110 to talk about which of the brothers was more like John.

I skipped session #6 with the intent to go to my room for a break, but as I walked past, I noticed there was no one in the TV room. The TV room here is kind of a do-it-yourself affair. If there's no one in the room already watching something, you can pick anything out of the box and play it. So, I rummaged through the box and was lucky enough to find the Paley Festival disc. I finally got to see it! Yay!

Dinner was a pizza party in the con suite with a custom made cake for dessert. It was decorated with a picture of the Impala and the con logo.

The pizza party ran until the competition vids started. There were also vids shown that people had submitted but weren't eligible for voting. Some of the ineligible vids were way better than the eligible ones, which made voting kind of tough.

It's now late and I have a 9:30 a.m. panel to host tomorrow, so I'm going to bed. But first, let me just say how much faster posting this entry went from the hotel computer. Those 3 paragraphs I posted yesterday took me almost an hour and a half with the 11 connection drops. This post has taken me about 20 minutes. Hopefully, I can snag the computer tomorrow night, too.
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The con officially starts tomorrow, but I made the 560 mile drive today. I used to make this drive (and then some) every year when my best friend lived in Kansas, but I don't seem to have the stamina for it that I did 10 years ago.

This is a small con, but I've already seen 6 familiar faces from MediaWest. I've already registered and put my tickets in the drawing. Two very nice ladies I'd never met before saw my registration packet and invited me to sit with them for dinner because I was by myself.

I'm blogging this entry in Squinty Vision from my PDA, and the hotel's wi-fi keeps dropping me (11 times and counting), so I'm going to call it a night.

More later.
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I've been running around like a mad thing trying to get all my errands done before I leave for Kazcon at oh-dark-thirty on Thursday morning. The con hotel has wi-fi, so if I remember the charging cable for my PDA (and if the teeny tiny screen doesn't render me blind), I'll be blogging the con as much as I can. I still need to prep for one of the two panels I'm hosting. Oh, and I have to email the co-host of my other panel to see if she has any last minute additions.

Today, I did a whole lot of laundry. I haven't been that great about cleaning the last couple of days, but I've been puttering, and in my puttering, I seem to have accidentally finished clearing off the last of the kitchen counters. I also got to the bottom of 2 out of 3 piles of crap on the coffee table. I found fliers for 2 cons that were held in 2004, plus about 5 course catalogs for the local community college (they bulk mail them every semester).

The Supernatural, SG-1, and SGA panels at Comic-Con have been blogged extensively, so here are my impressions of the news out of the con that I haven't seen on my flist or Yahoo!Groups:

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