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Hydra logo

Pattern lifted from the Captain America 2 Sampler by Lpanne.

Apparently stitching on black fabric until I go blind is a thing I do now.

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What is it with me and cross stitching chibis lately? I swear I'm working on other things too.

Chibi Cap Magnet.png

Pattern by Cloudsfactory. I intend to make the whole Avengers set someday, but today is not that day.

Chibi Captain America was done on 14 count plastic canvas, and there's a magnet glued to the back.

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Pattern by KRGoetz on Sprite Stitch.

So, I may have cross stitched Rorschach from Watchmen.

I'm starting to see why I gave up cross stitching all those years ago. All the pro patterns at craft stores are of inspirational sayings or flowers or fluffy animals and such. That's not really my thing. Tumblr has been both a blessing and a curse for pointing me at all the geeky patterns ever.

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So, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I braved the crowds at Dreamland Comics because I wanted to pick up Grimm #0. The story was decent enough, but, umm, Nick finds it hard to "tow the line" between cop and Grimm? Monroe has a "Pilates regiment"? Was this thing proofread at all? It was noticeably full of bad grammar, misspellings, and dropped words. I suffered secondhand embarrassment on behalf of the writers and letterer the whole time I was reading it.

And I really want to see the military uniforms of the Pilates regiment.

  ETA: This is the icon referred to in comment 5a.
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I'm slowly catching up on my backlog of reading. I especially wanted to get through these issues before I leave for Kazcon tomorrow because I'm hosting the Wee!chester panel.

Anyway, when I first heard about this comic, I was excited. TPTB said it would be about John Winchester's early days, starting right after Mary's death. I was looking forward to some family moments as John tries to get into hunting while still looking after 2 small boys. I was hoping for some creative parenting: Sam asleep in a baby carrier at John's feet and Dean looking at picture books while John does research in the library, diaper changes on the hood of the Impala, the boys sleeping in a nest of blankets and pillows in the back seat while John conducts a cemetery stakeout, and that sort of thing. What I got was something else.

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I've been running around like a mad thing trying to get all my errands done before I leave for Kazcon at oh-dark-thirty on Thursday morning. The con hotel has wi-fi, so if I remember the charging cable for my PDA (and if the teeny tiny screen doesn't render me blind), I'll be blogging the con as much as I can. I still need to prep for one of the two panels I'm hosting. Oh, and I have to email the co-host of my other panel to see if she has any last minute additions.

Today, I did a whole lot of laundry. I haven't been that great about cleaning the last couple of days, but I've been puttering, and in my puttering, I seem to have accidentally finished clearing off the last of the kitchen counters. I also got to the bottom of 2 out of 3 piles of crap on the coffee table. I found fliers for 2 cons that were held in 2004, plus about 5 course catalogs for the local community college (they bulk mail them every semester).

The Supernatural, SG-1, and SGA panels at Comic-Con have been blogged extensively, so here are my impressions of the news out of the con that I haven't seen on my flist or Yahoo!Groups:

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