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Is this more fallout from the WGA strike?

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FBI guy John Ashe was exhibiting that special Sheppard brand of snark there for awhile. I liked Joe as an FBI agent, even though there was one particular scene in the beginning where it sounded like the episode's director was trying to make him talk faster and Joe didn't quite sound comfortable with it. I was amused when Heather referred to him as "kind of a hottie." I wonder if that was part of the casting call? "Male. 34-44 years old. Kind of a hottie." There were certainly sparks between John and Lindsay, but I don't mean the UST kind. More like two flints striking together. I'm totally spoiler free for this series, but Speculation that could be considered spoilery if it turns out I'm right, which I hope I'm not )

Anyway, I hope the WGA strike is resolved favorably for the writers soon so that I can see this storyline to its conclusion.
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Tonight was Joe Flanigan's first appearance as FBI Special Agent John Ashe (spelling taken from He plays another John! I won't need a new icon or anything. Anyway, I was all set to blog my review of his performance, but he was only in the last 20 seconds or so of the episode. Bummer. He really rocked that 20 seconds, though. 8-P

He's playing a recurring character, so I guess I'll get my fill of the Flan in later episodes. Fortunately, I happen to like this show (it's the only new fall series I tried that I stuck with), so it won't exactly be torture watching Joe here like it was watching him on CSI: Miami.
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I just watched a TV show that wasn't SF, fantasy, or horror. And I liked it.

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