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Total: 13/52 videos

Wow, this was an even bigger epic fail than last year. Apparently there's nothing like making something a goal to get me to ignore it completely.

Stuff I watched in 2014:

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Wizards & Warriors came out on DVD today!

I repeat Wizards & Warriors came out on DVD today!

I never thought I would see the day. It got canceled after only 8 episodes, which was a crying shame. It was one of the eightiesest shows to ever eighties, but it was also completely ridiculous and my mom and I still quote from it 30 years later.

Thank you, Warner Archive!

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I thought there'd be more squeeing and flailing, but I guess the fandom is mostly dead now and there sure as heck hasn't been any publicity.

After so many years of legal issues that fans thought it was never going to happen, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues came out on DVD this week! Right now it's only available from Warner Archive on the official Warner Bros. site, but it's supposed to be more widely available starting on June 17.

::sigh:: I miss Peter so much.
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Total: 20/52 DVDs

Wow, epic fail. This one can be traced to me checking out more DVDs from the library this year (I got hooked on Teen Wolf and Justified, and I also watched a lot more movies than I have in a long time) and making my friends listen to Welcome to Night Vale for a month and a half instead of watching DVDs on our DVD nights.

I'm going to try this again next year, in part because I've started up cross stitching again in a major way recently and I'm determined to finish the medium-sized project I started 10 years ago or so. I've been stitching my way through my TV shows, so hopefully I can squeeze some DVDs in there as well.

Stuff I watched in 2013:


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Total: 35/52 DVDs

Oh, well. At least I hit my book goal. And on the plus side, I did watch more DVDs this year than last year, so I think I'll be trying this again.

Stuff I watched in 2012:


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Stuff I read in 2011:

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Dec. 5th, 2009 12:23 pm
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I finished watching The Professionals on DVD. Seasons 2 & 3 didn't really have any surprising guest stars, but season 4 featured Michael Praed from Robin of Sherwood as a student activist and Pierce Brosnan as an unnamed CI-5 radio operator.

Here's what struck me later. For a long time, Lewis Collins was utterly desperate to parlay his success from The Professionals into a gig as James Bond. He lobbied hard for it and even met with Cubby Broccoli at one point. He never got the part...but the guy who played an unnamed CI-5 radio operator in one episode of the TV show Collins starred in did. That's got to sting.

Time Warp

Oct. 14th, 2009 12:36 pm
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I've been watching season 1 of The Professionals on DVD. These episodes originally aired in 1977-78 in the UK, so I've been stunned by how many guest stars I've recognized, including Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba Fett, and Edward of Wickham from Robin of Sherwood), David Suchet (Hercule Poirot from Poirot), Patricia Quinn (Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and Lalla Ward (Romana II from classic Doctor Who). For most of these people, it's the first time I've seen them in another role.
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My New Year's resolution this year was to declutter my apartment. This project has been moving forward in fits and starts. Today, I took 2 big Container Store-sized bags of books to 1/2 Price Books to make room on the shelves for the bazillion books I've bought but haven't read yet...and came home with 6 movies and season 3 of House on DVD. Decluttering = fail.

But on the plus side, I've been looking for Series 7 on DVD for almost 8 years and there it was for only $3.98. And I do have some room on my video shelves because I decluttered my VHS tapes on my last trip to 1/2 Price Books.
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Warehouse 13: I tried, I really did, but I fell asleep 10 minutes into it. You have no idea what a big deal that is. I'm a lifelong insomniac. I can't fall asleep in bed when I'm not actually doing anything.

Season 1, episodes 1-7 of Jonny Quest on DVD: Race Bannon = Best. Nanny. Ever.
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Today was documentary day with a side of productivity.

I finished the rest of the Conspiracy? episodes. Some of the theories people put forth are so ludicrous that I can't believe anyone could say them with a straight face.

But the best part was that I finished the last of the scummy dishes! Yay! I hardly know what to do with myself now. 8-P

I also emptied out my kitchen and bathroom undersink cabinets in preparation for the annual visit from the exterminator tomorrow. Usually, building management makes us empty out every single cabinet and drawer in the kitchen and bathroom, so I'm feeling very lucky that it's only the undersink cabinets this year. That went pretty smoothly since I had the bright idea awhile back to put everything in tubs to make taking them out and putting them back less time-consuming.
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Today was productivity day with a side of documentaries.

I took my car for an emissions test and an oil change. I also worked on a tougher than expected batch of scummy dishes. The juice glasses were the hardest because I couldn't use copper wool on them as a last resort like I could the silverware. I just had to let them soak for a really long time. I also wound up doing a stack of plates (I've been letting them soak one at a time to get at the greatest surface area) because they were so gunky they were stuck together. Yuck. I'm down to three plates and a spatula now. Then I have to wash out the bin I evacuated the dishes to so I could use the sink for soaking and washing.

The only DVD I watched was vol. 1 of a History Channel series called Conspiracy?. I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories, but I enjoy them the same way I enjoy urban legends. I once saw an interview with a psychologist (psychiatrist? I don't remember) who said that when people experience a huge life-altering event like the assassination of a president or a terrorist attack, they need the explanation for or the reason behind the event to be as big as the event itself. They just can't believe that something so huge could be caused by something (or someone) mundane. I think there's probably a lot of truth in that.
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It's pilot day! I watched two failed pilots on DVD today.

1. Nick Knight: This was the original pilot for the series that eventually became Forever Knight. I don't know why the big gap between the original airing of the pilot and when the show got picked up as a series three years later, but by then Rick Springfield was committed to a craptacular series called Human Target (which lasted seven whole episodes before getting canceled) so he wasn't available for Forever Knight. The original pilot script was reshot with Geraint Wyn Davies and went on to air for three seasons. I never could get into it. Geraint Wyn Davies was all wrong for the part to me, the dynamic of my favorite relationship on the show (between Nick and the medical examiner) was changed by turning the M.E. into a woman, and the only major character/actor that was kept was the one I hated the most (Schanke).

Meanwhile, I have a love/hate relationship with Nick Knight. I really loved it when it originally aired, but I've thought it was really lame every time I've seen it since. Yet, I keep remembering how much I loved it originally, so I wind up talking with friends about old fandoms, get nostalgic for Nick Knight, forget how lame it is, and buy another copy. Then I watch it and decide it's lame, and get rid of my copy. Lather, rinse, repeat. This time I think I'll just hang on to my copy so I can watch it and decide it's lame again for free. Funny how our tastes change over time, isn't it?

Since the show doesn't hold my attention like it once did, I paid bills and went through my junk mail while watching. Good thing, too. I found an emissions test notification that I'd forgotten all about. Fortunately, the due date isn't for awhile yet, so I'll try to get out and do that sometime this week.

2. Thoughtcrimes: This was awesome. It was a pilot that didn't get picked up about a telepathic young woman, Freya McAllister (Navi Rawat), who goes to work for the NSA. Her adorkable partner, Agent Brendan Dean, was played by Joe Flanigan. I wish this series had gotten picked up because it looked like it would've been a lot of fun, but then Joe Flanigan might not have been available to play John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis, and that would have been bad. He was really cute in this, though. The pilot also featured Peter Horton from Brimstone as the guy who trained Freya on how to use her telepathy instead of being overwhelmed by it and Joe Morton from Eureka as Freya and Brendan's boss.

I also made more progress on the scummy dishes. I finished the silverware, which got the worst of it. I'm down to just plates and bowls now. They need to be soaked for a bit before they get washed, but they're coming clean much more easily than the silverware did.
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It's time once again for me to take some vacation days before I lose them, so I'll be home from work this week. Normally when I have to take vacation days and have nowhere to go, I use the time to read epic length fics, since I normally don't have time to read them. I have some fics bookmarked that are over 200,000 words long. However, I now have Mobipocket on my PDA and have been reading the aforementioned epic length fics on my lunch breaks at work, so I'm not really feeling motivated to read them this week. Instead, I decided to make a dent in my giant pile of unwatched DVDs.

Today, I started with DVDs that aren't mine. I checked out season 2 of Heroes from the library. I don't want to watch the episodes again because I hated season 2, but I did want to watch the extras and listen to the commentary tracks. I made it through all of them today. I really miss Molly, and I miss Matt and Mohinder playing My Two Dads to Molly. Matt and Molly were especially cute together. I also noticed that the actress in the photo at Hiro's mother's funeral looked nothing like the actress who actually did play Hiro's mother in volume 3.

The really cool parts were all the extras regarding the virus storyline that had to be scrapped due to the writers strike. There was a lot of footage that had already been shot plus a couple of storyboards, and some of TPTB (including Tim Kring) talked about how volume 3 was originally intended to play out. It looked awesome. It certainly looked a lot better than the Bug!Mohinder/Hunger/Woobie!Sylar stuff they actually did for volume 3. It's too late now, but I wish the virus story had worked out.

So as not to be a complete and total slug, I took a break between each episode to wash some dishes and check my email. Mostly, I washed dishes. Why so much dish washing? Well for one thing, I hate housework and tend to put it off as long as possible, so the sink was completely full. For another thing, the sink seems to have backed up at some point without me noticing because the sink was full, so the dishes and silverware and glasses in the bottom 3 inches or so of the sink were caked with brown and greenish-grey sludge. They were really disgusting. I had to buy rubber gloves because I totally refused to touch them. Before each episode, I would put some items in scalding water with detergent to soak while I watched, then would wash them afterward. I got through quite a bit, but I have a way to go yet. That stuff is murder to scrub off.
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MGM is letting fans vote for their favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes to be included in a special 'fan favorite' Blu-ray release. Vote below, or go to the official website.

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For a time travel episode, it wasn't half bad.

Spoilers )
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It's weird. When I'm watching this series, I'm not filled with giant amounts of squee, but when I finish a set, I find myself missing the characters daily until the new set comes out.

The second half of season one is more of a police procedural than the first half. I'm kind of enjoying watching cops have to do actual legwork and use their smarty brains and knowledge of people to solve cases, instead of relying on DNA evidence for everything. There's less banter between Mike and Steve in this half of the season, but what is there is pure gold. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas have great chemistry together despite the age difference between them. There's also a slight increase in whumping, but Karl Malden was the big name draw in season one (Michael Douglas was still a largely unknown up-and-comer), so the episodes tend to focus on his character, Lt. Mike Stone.

Secondary characters continue to be very well drawn and sometimes get more screen time than the main characters. The extra ten minutes per episode due to fewer commercials in the 1970s really shows in that the episodes cover a lot of ground without feeling rushed to cram everything in. Guest characters include a host of '70s names, including Jamie Farr, Belinda Montgomery, Joe Don Baker, Dick Sargent, John Saxon, and Claudine Longet. Darlene Carr also makes her first appearance as Mike Stone's daughter, Jeannie.

There are no extras on this set, which is disappointing but not surprising. I doubt many of the cast or crew involved in the production would have very vivid memories of work they did 35 years ago so the lack of commentary tracks is understandable, but I wish there were some behind-the-scenes footage or outtakes or interviews or something. The picture quality continues to be much brighter and clearer than the murky prints I'm used to seeing in syndication, although the DVDs haven't been digitally remastered. For the first time ever, I was able to clearly see what was going on in the nighttime scenes.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how much more I like this series now, even though I enjoyed it when I was in my teens and twenties, and I'm looking forward to the remaining DVD sets.
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Borders sent me a 40% off coupon for any DVD boxed set, good only yesterday and today. I was wracking my brain to come up with something, but I'd just bought the box sets for both Heroes and Supernatural, so I was stumped. Well, guess what came out today? Yes, I now have season 3 of Stargate Atlantis for cheap. Now that's timing.

When I asked a random Borders employee to open the locked case where they keep the box sets, he walked right up the the SGA cabinet without me even saying anything, pointed at the SGA set, and asked me if that's what I wanted. When I asked him how he knew, he said it'd been selling really well. Go, SGA!

Now I just need time to watch all these freaking DVDs. Stupid Spanish class.
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I've been really sitting on the fence about getting the season 1 DVD set of Heroes. Then I was surfing around LJ and tripped over the news that Target had an exclusive special edition that included the Paley Festival panel and some Tim Sale artwork. I figured I'd be totally out of luck since the Heroes set has been out since last Tuesday, and the similar Supernatural DVD set that was exclusive to Best Buy pretty much sold out on its street date last year. However, either Target ordered a lot more special edition copies than Best Buy did, or the special edition of Heroes isn't selling as well, because there were tons of copies still available yesterday (so if you have a Target near you, don't pay $75+ on Amazon or eBay--there are still copies out there).

So, I'm now getting very annoyed with these special editions of DVDs that are only available from a specific retailer. I never buy DVDs from Target because I live about 5 blocks from the Deep Discount DVD shipping facility, which has an attached store that's open to the public, so I never even would have thought to look there even if I'd actually been in Target, which I rarely am. I didn't hear about the Supernatural special edition set at Best Buy until I'd already bought my set from Deep Discount. So why aren't these special editions advertised better? The production companies should know that the fans (like me) are going to want them, but we can't buy them if we don't know they exist. And we can't seriously be expected to visit every store on earth that sells DVDs on the off chance that one set might be different. So I say to TPTB, either advertise your special edition sets better so that people know they exist without accidentally tripping over the news on LJ, or stop making the special editions exclusive to one retailer so that we will discover these sets exist (and buy them) no matter where we shop.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Paley Festival disc to watch.
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"A Quinn Martin production." Hee.

There have been tons of old shows coming out on DVD lately. A friend of mine, who is as much of a TV addict as I am, won't buy any of them because she figures you can't go home again. I've been buying some series, but I checked The Streets of San Francisco out from the library because I figured this would be a 'can't go home again' series for me. I was wrong. I think I'm enjoying it more this time around.

I originally tripped over TSoSF in syndication when I was a teenager while going through a Michael Douglas phase. It took me awhile to get into it because I like buddy cop shows, but I wasn't really sure if Lt. Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and Insp. Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) even liked each other. It turns out that's because most of the character moments were edited out for commercials. The uncut DVDs restore all those bits and add a new dimension to Mike and Steve's personal and professional relationship (Mike comes off a lot more paternal in the uncut eps).

I also seem to have more patience for the slower eps than I did when I was younger. By and large, the writing is very good and the guest characters have more depth than on most shows today. The guest actors are also a who's who of established stars and people about to become ridiculously famous, including a pre-Hart to Hart Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers (but not in the same ep) and a pre-Starsky and Hutch David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (again, not in the same ep).

The picture quality on the DVDs is very good, too. I don't think the eps were digitally remastered, but they have a much brighter and clearer picture than the murky ones I'm used to seeing in syndication. There's very little in the way of extras (mostly an obviously rehearsed interview of Karl Malden and Michael Douglas by Army Archerd done when the show first aired--they don't make 'em like that anymore).

This set covers the first half of season 1, so not much whumping yet (Steve will get his later, in spades if I remember correctly). And Steve Keller remains the only TV cop I've ever seen who actually sights down the barrel of his revolver before he fires. Why do I think that's so cool?

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself liking this show even more now, and I may actually start buying it if I can find a good sale.


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