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The new fall TV season is starting, so it must be time for me to get back to posting again after an unexpected summer lull. Last year at this time I was talking about how I'd tripped and fallen into Avengers fandom and had spent the summer reading all the Avengers fic ever. This past summer I was forcibly kidnapped by Teen Wolf and spent the summer reading all the Teen Wolf fic ever.

Also, I started a Tumblr, which turned out to be a ridiculously huge time suck. It amuses me mightily that I started said Tumblr to reblog pretty pictures of pretty people and somehow instead fell face first into the cross stitch community there. But who can say no to cross stitch patterns based on Monty Python characters? Not me, as it turns out.

But you don't care about me--no, I don't mind ::sniffle::--so on to tonight's H50.

Spoilers )
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My Tumblr dash just exploded with pictures of Dylan O'Brien in Vancouver visiting his girlfriend. There was much fangirl weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth because he's taken, but all I could think of was, 'Vancouver? What would it take to get this guy on an episode of Supernatural? The gag reel resulting from having Dylan O'Brien and Jared Padalecki in the same place at the same time would be epic.'

P.S. -- Did I mention I have a Tumblr? I have a Tumblr.

It's pretty new and it's currently about 95% Teen Wolf because Teen Wolf fandom is way more active on Tumblr than on LJ, but I'm trying to build up my other fandoms as well. I ran into trouble trying to reblog pretty pictures of Chris Evans, though, because I don't think any bad pictures of Chris Evans actually exist. The man is stupidly pretty and ridiculously photogenic.

Oh, and there will also be pictures of cats because it's the Internet. Don't worry, I made a tags page.


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