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I woke up to the tail end of a thunderstorm this morning. I get up pretty early, so the traffic report was pretty non-eventful at that point. Then I left for work. Rt. 53 was a parking lot, but the traffic and news reports were so busy talking about the Edens being closed due to flooding that nobody was talking about where I was or what the roads were like so I could pick an alternate route. I'm assuming the problem was caused by flooding up around Lake-Cook Rd., but I get off before then so I'm not really sure, but I did see flooding on both sides of 53 starting around Arlington Hts. In any event, it took me an hour and 40 minutes to make my 25 minute commute this morning.

It could have been worse. One of my coworkers was stuck on the Edens. It took her 5 hours to drive in. In fact, she had just arrived and was telling us all about it when the power went out to our building. We don't know why. It had stopped raining about two hours before and we'd been fine all morning. ComEd told us that they had 300,000 customers without power and that we were at the bottom of their priority list since we're "just" a library (not that I'm begrudging them putting hospitals and nursing homes at the top of the list). Anyway, I spent about 45 minutes going through the pile of papers on my desk and tossing or filing them as appropriate before the president of the library board declared us closed for the day. Fortunately for me, the drive home was a lot faster than the drive in and my power is still on.

I just feel bad for my coworker. After the horrible 5 hour drive in, she was back in her car and headed home less than an hour after she arrived.

Oh, and the other item on the news this morning was that a small plane crashed near the municipal airport just down the street from the library last night. It came down just off the road I take to and from work, only about a mile farther east than I normally go. That's the third plane crash at that airport since I started working at the library.

News Fail

Dec. 23rd, 2010 05:00 pm
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The substitute news reader at the radio station I listen to was having a bad morning. She was reading a report about the building collapse that killed two firefighters in the city yesterday, and in the space of about 10 seconds managed to say that the two firefighters "selfishly" gave their lives in the performance of their duties and that the building owner had been cited for having a "detective" roof in 2007.
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I've been wondering why Creation has been all "Check out our awesome new con hotel for 2010!" for the Chicago Stargate and Supernatural cons. There was an article in the newspaper today about the Wyndham O'Hare going out of business. They'll be closing their doors for good by January 1st.

I've been to at least 5 cons at that hotel.
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So, I was planning to post a little bit about Eureka today, but I've inadvertently spent the day on the Internet reading about all the various ways people suck.

1) Gatefail

Spoilers for SGU )

2) Culturefail

This is an older post by [ profile] cereta on mens' role in rape culture, and while it's interesting, she did such a good job of policing trolls that the 26 (so far) pages of comments that follow are fascinating, sad, and unbelievably eye-opening.

3) Racefail

At a Senator Claire McCaskill town hall, several black women brought a sign with them (and were apparently booed upon entering the room). They rolled the sign up, and set it aside. A photographer approached the woman sitting on the end of the aisle and asked to see the poster. As the woman unrolled the poster for the photographer, a white man got out of the bleachers, grabbed it from her, and attempted to destroy it. Audience members, who were overwhelmingly white, cheered. The woman got out of her seat to retrieve her poster. And something like four police officers grabbed her and escorted her out of the building. The audience cheered louder.

The hugely offensive sign that the man decided to rip up, by the way? It was of Rosa Parks.
--The Curvature.

I think I need chocolate. Or possibly ice cream. This is just too much fail for one person to deal with all in one day.
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From the editors:

"After 33 years, and considering the present state of the economy, we feel its time for a major revamp and will be temporarily discontinuing publication while the model and redesign of the magazine are contemplated and executed.

The last print issue available for the time being is #374, while issue #375 will be available exclusively as a digital edition on the network in the very near future."
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Starlog magazine just ceased publication.

It's been a few years since I last read it, but I think I still have some back issues in my closet.
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...has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.

The only book of his I've ever read is Hogfather. Still, Alzheimer's runs in my family, and I've seen its devastating effects on a number of my relatives. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


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