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I don't know what CBS was thinking when it moved Hawaii Five-0 opposite Grimm on Fridays, other than 'we have no idea who this Sandy person is and therefore her personal viewing needs are not a factor in our decision-making process', but having to choose between these two shows is a big deal for me.

In the early seasons of both shows, it would've been a no-brainer and I would've chosen Hawaii Five-0 without hesitation, but neither show is the same as it was when it started. I'm sure you're all waiting for me to say something about too much Catherine or not enough Danny, but it's actually more about ohana, not that they've ever mentioned that word on Grimm.

In season one of Hawaii Five-0, the show was all about ohana. You could pair off the core four in any configuration and still get magic because they all had terrific chemistry and there were great character moments in every episode. Then in season two, the show changed focus to 'Steve and the people he works with'. Now don't get me wrong, I love Steve, but putting that much focus on him in every episode upset the ohana balance and the show hasn't been quite the same for me since.

Meanwhile, Grimm took the opposite path. In season one, Nick had to hide he was a Grimm from everyone because who the heck would believe him? He only had one person in his life who knew about the supernatural. But as time has gone on, Nick has slowly been able to confide in more people and share that side of his life with them, and those people started to meet each other and they have gone from just working together to hanging out and having group dinners. As a result, Grimm now has the ohana vibe I've been sorely missing in Hawaii Five-0.

So on the one hand, I'm enjoying Grimm more than Hawaii Five-0 right now, but I still enjoy interacting with Hawaii Five-0 fandom more than Grimm fandom post-show, mostly because Grimm fandom is a surprisingly small presence on the Internet and doesn't really hang out to discuss episodes like Hawaii Five-0 fandom does. Hence my dilemma.

I suspect which show I watch live will depend on the plot of that episode, but this week the Portland zombie apocalypse won. And now that I've gotten all the tl;dr stuff off my chest, let's move on to this week's Hawaii Five-0.

Spoilers )
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So, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I braved the crowds at Dreamland Comics because I wanted to pick up Grimm #0. The story was decent enough, but, umm, Nick finds it hard to "tow the line" between cop and Grimm? Monroe has a "Pilates regiment"? Was this thing proofread at all? It was noticeably full of bad grammar, misspellings, and dropped words. I suffered secondhand embarrassment on behalf of the writers and letterer the whole time I was reading it.

And I really want to see the military uniforms of the Pilates regiment.

  ETA: This is the icon referred to in comment 5a.


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