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I subscribe to Barnes & Noble's Nook Daily Find newsletter. February 29th's email contained this gem in the description of Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline: "It’s an emotionally gripping story about how far you can, and should go to protect those you love from bestselling author Lisa Scottoline."

Are we supposed to be protecting our loved ones from Lisa Scottoline's books, or from Lisa Scottoline herself?
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So, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I braved the crowds at Dreamland Comics because I wanted to pick up Grimm #0. The story was decent enough, but, umm, Nick finds it hard to "tow the line" between cop and Grimm? Monroe has a "Pilates regiment"? Was this thing proofread at all? It was noticeably full of bad grammar, misspellings, and dropped words. I suffered secondhand embarrassment on behalf of the writers and letterer the whole time I was reading it.

And I really want to see the military uniforms of the Pilates regiment.

  ETA: This is the icon referred to in comment 5a.
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Dear Avengers Fan Fic Writers Everywhere,

If you plan to write in the Marvel Avengers universe much, you will probably find yourself using the word 'shield' a lot. After all, Captain America carries a shield, and the Avengers all work either for or with S.H.I.E.L.D. So for the love of all that is holy, please learn to spell it.

Write it on a post-it note. Stick it on your computer. You'll find it a very handy reference.

No love,

Sandy (no, the other one)
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Dear fan fic authors everywhere,

"Breath" is a noun.

"Breathe" is a verb.

Please use accordingly.

No love,

Sandy (no, the other one)
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Okay, seriously people, it's "duct tape," as in tape for taping ducts, not "duck tape," which I suppose would be used for taping ducks, assuming you ever wanted to tape a duck, which I don't know why you would. I don't imagine the duck would be all that thrilled about it either.

And yes, I do know that there's a brand of duct tape called Duck Tape, but if you want to refer to that specific brand name, then it needs to be capitalized as befits a proper name.
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"The former Atlantic Falcons player [Joey Harrington] broke his collarbone and suffered a punctured lung after an SUV struck him while riding his bike." -- The Hollywood Reporter, 8/2/11 (Source)

Leaving aside that the team is actually called the Atlanta Falcons, what was an SUV doing riding Harrington's bike? Or was it the SUV's bike? It got hard to match pronouns to antecedents toward the end there.

News Fail

Dec. 23rd, 2010 05:00 pm
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The substitute news reader at the radio station I listen to was having a bad morning. She was reading a report about the building collapse that killed two firefighters in the city yesterday, and in the space of about 10 seconds managed to say that the two firefighters "selfishly" gave their lives in the performance of their duties and that the building owner had been cited for having a "detective" roof in 2007.

Woah Is Me

Nov. 6th, 2010 12:07 pm
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Why doesn't anyone know how to spell 'whoa' anymore? It's not a made up word. It's in the dictionary. The 'h' does not go on the end. Seriously, I've read 3 fics today where it was consistently spelled wrong. The misspelling is so common that I'm actually startled when I see it spelled right.

Spell check is your friend, people. Spend some quality time together. Get to really know each other.
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"Mean librarian salaries up 2% in 2008." --American Libraries Direct, 8/13/08

What was the increase for nice librarians? ;-)
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I'm sure everybody's seen the commercials for Proactiv by now, if only because they're on about every twelve seconds on just about every channel there is. There's a part of the commercial where the spokesmodel satisfied customer is talking about how he uses the refining mask to zap sudden breakouts: "I put it on at night before I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning, you don't have acne!"

That must be some pretty powerful stuff if he can put it on and cure my acne. Of course, that prompts the question, if I put on the refining mask, whose acne would I cure?
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Okay, so awhile ago I made a grammar-related post in which I denied being a grammar nazi. Well, apparently I was in denial. As much as it pains me to admit it, any time a person sees a grammar error in print and is immediately thrown out of the text for five minutes as her brain begins spontaneously composing instructional grammar LJ posts, she's probably a grammar nazi. So, I've decided to stop fighting and roll with it.

Grammar errors seem to come and go like fashion. There'll be an error that I never see, then all of a sudden it's everywhere. It's almost like one person committed a particular grammar error, and everyone else saw it and said to themselves, 'well, it's in print, so it must be right.' Yeah. Not necessarily.

The latest grammar error that I'm suddenly seeing everywhere involves attaching dependent clauses to a part of the sentence other than the subject of the clause.

EXAMPLE: John rested his chin on Rodney's shoulder, who continued to type obliviously.

Attaching the dependent clause to 'shoulder' makes 'shoulder' the subject of the clause. However, Rodney's shoulder is not a who, it's a what, and it can't type. There are a couple of ways to rearrange this sentence to make it work.

1) John rested his chin on the shoulder of Rodney, who continued to type obliviously.

This is correct, but it's also stilted and awkward.

2) John propped his chin on Rodney, who continued to type obliviously.

This is correct, but it doesn't tell the reader where exactly John is propping his chin, which may or may not be important for setting the scene.

3) John rested his chin on Rodney's shoulder. Rodney continued to type obliviously.

Sometimes, you just have to give up and go with two sentences. There's nothing wrong with that.

There. I feel so much better now.
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I don't consider myself a grammar nazi, but I find that some things still bother me. I first noticed the swapping of 'conscious' and 'conscience' in fic a couple of years ago. It was a few isolated instances at first, but then I started seeing it more and more. Now I see it all the time, and it's starting to creep into professional writing, too. I'm not sure where the confusion lies because they don't look or sound anything alike to me, but I recently came to three conclusions:

1. I'm not, and don't want to be, the type of person who publicly censures the grammar of others in the comments section of their blog or story archive

2. I'm not, and don't want to be, the type of person who emails total strangers to correct their grammar

3. I don't want to read any more fics where someone's knocked 'unconscience'

What to do? Well as it turns out, I have a blog. :-)

Grammar tip: conscious vs. conscience )

But you'll never see me correcting anyone else's punctuation, 'cause mine is still a work in progress.


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