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So, I was planning to post a little bit about Eureka today, but I've inadvertently spent the day on the Internet reading about all the various ways people suck.

1) Gatefail

Spoilers for SGU )

2) Culturefail

This is an older post by [ profile] cereta on mens' role in rape culture, and while it's interesting, she did such a good job of policing trolls that the 26 (so far) pages of comments that follow are fascinating, sad, and unbelievably eye-opening.

3) Racefail

At a Senator Claire McCaskill town hall, several black women brought a sign with them (and were apparently booed upon entering the room). They rolled the sign up, and set it aside. A photographer approached the woman sitting on the end of the aisle and asked to see the poster. As the woman unrolled the poster for the photographer, a white man got out of the bleachers, grabbed it from her, and attempted to destroy it. Audience members, who were overwhelmingly white, cheered. The woman got out of her seat to retrieve her poster. And something like four police officers grabbed her and escorted her out of the building. The audience cheered louder.

The hugely offensive sign that the man decided to rip up, by the way? It was of Rosa Parks.
--The Curvature.

I think I need chocolate. Or possibly ice cream. This is just too much fail for one person to deal with all in one day.
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Keep in mind that these come from, sister site to Cracked magazine, so social reform was clearly not on their agenda. However, the commercials chosen deserve to be singled out for derision, and some of the commentary that accompanies each one made me laugh so hard I cried.

"So here are the eight most glaringly sexist commercials of all time."


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