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I'm having trouble drumming up any enthusiasm for next weekend's Stargate Creation Con. I kind of hate to miss it as it's only 25 minutes from my apartment, but I'm just not feeling it right now for some reason. Somebody tell me why I should go.
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Who on my flist is going to MediaWest this year?
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I've been wondering why Creation has been all "Check out our awesome new con hotel for 2010!" for the Chicago Stargate and Supernatural cons. There was an article in the newspaper today about the Wyndham O'Hare going out of business. They'll be closing their doors for good by January 1st.

I've been to at least 5 cons at that hotel.


May. 20th, 2009 10:01 pm
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I'm leaving for MediaWest tomorrow morning. The con hotel is under new management so I don't know if the Wi-Fi is still free. I know the Wi-Fi at the hotel where I'm staying isn't. I'm bringing my laptop anyway, and if I can find a free Internet connection somewhere, I'll be checking my email and posting from the con. If not, have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday.
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Those of you who have brought laptops to MediaWest before, is the HIS wifi free, or do you have to pay a fee for it?
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The poll was unanimous, as was the informal in-person poll I took of friends and family. Even my mother thought I should go to WinchestMidwest, so I bit the bullet and registered tonight. That'll be con #2 for the summer after MediaWest.
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I'm trying to decide whether or not to register for WinchestMidwest.


It's a Supernatural con
It's only $35 for the weekend (3 days)
The con hotel is so close to my apartment that I can see it from here


It's a very small con with only one track of programming
I'm only interested in about 1/4 of the programming on the schedule
I probably won't know anyone there

If this con were being held anywhere else, the decision would be a no-brainer, but I'm having trouble letting go of the fact that there's going to be a Supernatural convention right in front of my face. How can I turn that down?

So, here's your chance to weigh in.

[Poll #1157212]
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I've been running around like a mad thing trying to get all my errands done before I leave for Kazcon at oh-dark-thirty on Thursday morning. The con hotel has wi-fi, so if I remember the charging cable for my PDA (and if the teeny tiny screen doesn't render me blind), I'll be blogging the con as much as I can. I still need to prep for one of the two panels I'm hosting. Oh, and I have to email the co-host of my other panel to see if she has any last minute additions.

Today, I did a whole lot of laundry. I haven't been that great about cleaning the last couple of days, but I've been puttering, and in my puttering, I seem to have accidentally finished clearing off the last of the kitchen counters. I also got to the bottom of 2 out of 3 piles of crap on the coffee table. I found fliers for 2 cons that were held in 2004, plus about 5 course catalogs for the local community college (they bulk mail them every semester).

The Supernatural, SG-1, and SGA panels at Comic-Con have been blogged extensively, so here are my impressions of the news out of the con that I haven't seen on my flist or Yahoo!Groups:

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Personally, I think Creation Entertainment sucks more than I can possibly tell you and I never, ever want to go to one of their conventions ever again. Ever. However, if they're going to book a con with Jared Padalecki as a guest and hold it 10 minutes from my apartment, what's a girl to do?

I know he'll probably cancel. He canceled the last Chicago horror con, and Joe Flanigan canceled the Chicago Stargate con before that (Creation gets a lot of guest cancellations), so I refuse to buy tickets in advance. With the con only 10 minutes away, I'll take my chances and wait until he's absolutely confirmed before I show up.


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