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I had a ticket to see Band From TV in Madison last November, but the venue canceled the show the day before for no reason that I ever heard. I finally got to see them last night in Chicago. And as an added bonus, they brought Hugh Laurie with them this time. He hadn't been scheduled for the Madison show.

They've been everywhere this weekend. I passed on the Navy Pier and Grant Park shows in favor of the Vic, because the other shows had seating (or standing) on pretty much the same level as the band, and I'm only 5'3". There's no way I'd be able to see over or around everybody else.

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I had a ticket for the Band From TV show in Madison tomorrow night. It's the first time they've played the midwest. I was planning on staring at Jesse Spencer in a creepy and stalkerlike manner until his image was permanently burned onto my retinas. Oh yeah, and Adrian Pasdar was going to be standing right next to him.

However, Greg Grunberg just Tweeted that the band was actually boarding the plane to come here when the venue called and canceled. There's a note that the show has been canceled on the venue's website, but no explanation as to why. I mean, it's not like a tornado blew through town tonight or anything. Yes, I'm being issued a refund, but that is so not the point. If you're going to pull the rug out from under me less than 24 hours before the show, then I think I at least deserve an explanation.


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