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Or, you know, have already changed.

I cleaned out and reorganized my desk drawers yesterday. I found a whole bunch of things I'd forgotten I actually owned, like two folders of stationery, the newest of which is 20+ years old, some letter-openers, and a box of envelopes.

I used to write a fairly decent amount of letters because my best friend and I went to college in different states and the internet wasn't a thing yet, but then email started to become more common before I ran out of stationery. I also pay almost all my bills online now, so I have all these leftovers that I'll probably never use. This makes me weirdly sad. I don't think I've even used a stamp since I sent out Christmas cards last December, and I haven't had a chance to use any of my fountain pens or glass pens since...I don't even remember when.

And the change happened so abruptly that I have an entire desk drawer that's basically a time capsule from another era.
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I'm still slowly working my way through my somewhat less gigantic pile of elderly unread magazines. Guess what I found this time? The July 26, 2002, issue of Entertainment Weekly had a big article about a new movie in development called...::drum roll please::...Batman vs. Superman. Yes, this article was published 11 years ago. And one of the actors mentioned as being sought-after to star in it was...Ben Affleck's bestie Matt Damon. ::is entertained::
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My goal for the last mumblety years has been to declutter my apartment. One of my hidden corners (as they call them on Unfuck Your Habitat) has been the milk crate full of elderly unread magazines. This year I've been making an effort to go through them by leaving issues in strategic places where I might be tempted to pick them up and read them. It's been working quite well. I think I've reduced the pile by about a quarter.

Why read them, you ask? Why not just throw them away? Well, for a couple of reasons. One is the fun of looking back at magazines predicting that Daredevil was going to launch the next superhero blockbuster movie franchise (I did mention these magazines were elderly, right?), or reading interviews where John Cusack said that his (then) forthcoming movie Max was so important that people would still be discussing it in ten years. (It's been ten years. The movie grossed just over $2 million at the box office. Nobody is talking about it.) I also liked the holiday gift guide with the new must-have gadgets, like the new iPod. It's about the size of a deck of cards and can play music for as long as 10 hours! 8D

But another reason I'm reading them is that my tastes have changed and things I wouldn't have noticed or remembered at the time certainly get my notice now. For instance, in the November 30, 2001 (elderly magazines, remember?) issue of Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Fretts wrote a review of a TV movie remake of the 1971 TV movie Brian's Song. I had not noticed such a remake existed, but it starred Mekhi Phifer and Sean Maher (the same Sean Maher who went on to play Simon Tam on Firefly). Maher played Brian Piccolo, the role played by James Caan in the '71 version. Fretts thought Maher was badly miscast and went on to say, "A better choice for the role might've been James Caan's son, Scott, who displayed his talent on the gridiron in Varsity Blues." If I had read that article when it originally came out, I would've forgotten all about it because the names Sean Maher and Scott Caan meant nothing to me then.

I can't wait to see who else I find mention of.
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I have some time off from work, so I decided to tackle the 7 inch high pile o' crap that's completely taken over my kitchen table. So far, I've found 5 books, 4 CDs, a stack of bills and receipts from 2007-2008, a receipt for a book I bought (and read) in 2003, 2 sets of gaming dice, badges for 7 or 8 conventions, 4 health insurance cards, and a pair of sunglasses.

I really need to stop dumping crap on the kitchen table when I get home.
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I'm supposed to be decluttering my poor apartment by reading the bazillion print books I already own but haven't read yet, but I have fallen sufficiently in love with my Nook that I keep buying books for it and reading those instead. On the plus side, I actually am reading the books I've bought for my Nook, so I'm not just building up a new backlog there. I'm also reading more books now than I did last year when I was trying the 50 Books Challenge. But none of this reading is helping ease the clutter. I need to be reading the print books.


Nov. 26th, 2010 11:20 am
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I now have the contents of three of my five bookcases added to Goodreads! I've been weeding heavily as I go too, so the shelves look much nicer and have room to add more stuff.
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This is my life right here.

I may have gotten a little bit behind on the shredding of things to be shredded. I finally set myself up on the couch in front of the TV with a cross-cut shredder, trash bag, and giant pile o' things to be shredded, then shredded my way through commercial breaks. It took me three evenings and I completely filled a 13 gallon trash bag, but the pile is now completely gone. \0/

Now, on to the giant pile o' dishes in the sink. Too bad I can't do them on the couch in front of the TV.
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I like the idea of bagless vacuums for how they don't have bags to fill up landfills with, but on the other hand I miss the old days where I could vacuum up a big ugly bug and have it disappear into a bag, never to be seen again.


Dec. 19th, 2009 02:58 pm
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I have family coming over in 2 hours for an early Christmas celebration and for the first time in the 12 years I've lived here, my living room is being invaded by little brown ants. Ah, the festive smell of pine-scented Raid at holiday time.
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I don't mean to suggest that my old vacuum might not have been doing its job toward the end, but I just ran the new bagless vacuum over the carpet in a 6 1/2 foot long hallway and had to empty the bin. I also had to peel a 1/4 inch thick layer of dust off the filter.
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My New Year's resolution this year was to declutter my apartment. This project has been moving forward in fits and starts. Today, I took 2 big Container Store-sized bags of books to 1/2 Price Books to make room on the shelves for the bazillion books I've bought but haven't read yet...and came home with 6 movies and season 3 of House on DVD. Decluttering = fail.

But on the plus side, I've been looking for Series 7 on DVD for almost 8 years and there it was for only $3.98. And I do have some room on my video shelves because I decluttered my VHS tapes on my last trip to 1/2 Price Books.
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Well, I actually made two. My first resolution was to remember to make a New Year's resolution because somehow I always forget. Having successfully kept that resolution, my second resolution was to declutter the master disaster that is my apartment before next January 1st. In furtherance of that goal, I joined the FlyLady Yahoo!Group, which I saw [ profile] thefannishwaldo mention on her LJ.

We'll see how it goes. I don't usually do well in groups, but anybody who's been reading this LJ long enough to have followed my two previous attempts to declutter knows that I wasn't doing so hot on my own. So far, I like that the group helps its members establish a daily routine by adding just one item to that routine every day, and I also like that they keep reminding me that it took more than one day for my apartment to get like this, so it's going to take awhile to fix. On the other hand, I don't like the "encouraging" emails I keep getting. I was especially annoyed by the one that told me I just need a great big hug and to talk to myself in a loving, gentle voice to get started. Um, no. What I need is a kick in the pants and a scheduled routine.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to buy bleach for the major sink cleaning, since I just discovered I'm out. In the meantime, I at least managed to wash the dishes in the sink in preparation for the major sink cleaning.
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I've been running around like a mad thing trying to get all my errands done before I leave for Kazcon at oh-dark-thirty on Thursday morning. The con hotel has wi-fi, so if I remember the charging cable for my PDA (and if the teeny tiny screen doesn't render me blind), I'll be blogging the con as much as I can. I still need to prep for one of the two panels I'm hosting. Oh, and I have to email the co-host of my other panel to see if she has any last minute additions.

Today, I did a whole lot of laundry. I haven't been that great about cleaning the last couple of days, but I've been puttering, and in my puttering, I seem to have accidentally finished clearing off the last of the kitchen counters. I also got to the bottom of 2 out of 3 piles of crap on the coffee table. I found fliers for 2 cons that were held in 2004, plus about 5 course catalogs for the local community college (they bulk mail them every semester).

The Supernatural, SG-1, and SGA panels at Comic-Con have been blogged extensively, so here are my impressions of the news out of the con that I haven't seen on my flist or Yahoo!Groups:

Read more... )
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I've only been on LJ just under two months, but when it was down last night, it took me awhile to figure out what to do with myself. That's so sad. 8-) Forced out of LJ Land, I took a look around and noticed that I had story alerts from of them. Whoops. I also had an anime DVD due back at the library (vol. 2 of Le Chevalier d'Eon).

But I was good and cleaned. I washed the dishes (seriously, it never ends) and cleaned off the counter between the sink and the fridge, then washed the counter itself. Two out of three counters are now completely clean.

I also watched Eureka, but that's a topic for another post.
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I've been bad again. I didn't clean at all on Friday, so I cleaned for half an hour on Saturday to make up for it. I washed the dishes, then unpacked and washed a new supply of food storage containers.

I have no idea where my old ones went. I used to have 8 of them, but they're all gone. I know I threw away one because something in it got superheated and melted the plastic a little, and I know I threw away another one because the food in it reacted to the plastic somehow and I could never get it clean again after that. I have no idea what happened to the other 6.

I didn't clean again yesterday, but I won't be making it up today. I'm giving myself my birthday off from cleaning. I'll have to do something tomorrow. Like maybe the grout in the shower. I have this indestructible safety orange mold in the grout in one part of my shower. It's like a horror movie--no matter how many times I kill it, it keeps coming back.
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Still shredding piles and piles of old documents. The shredder is feeling overworked and abused.

Household hint (yes, I appreciate the irony of me giving out household hints): If you have something particularly odious in your kitchen trash can (say, the remains of a dinner that included chicken or broccoli or ::shudders:: salmon) and the trash bag isn't really full enough to take out, empty your paper shredder into the trash can. The shredded bits of paper make a pretty solid barrier and block the smell of whatever's underneath it.
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I've been good about cleaning, but bad about blogging. Is it really Wednesday already?

Anyway, I've been going through the landfill pile of papers on my desk for the last 3 days. I've filed/shredded/thrown away 2 years of paid bills. Who knew it'd been that long since I filed anything? My poor shredder is filing a grievance with its union.
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Today, I assembled and installed a new spring-loaded shower caddy. I also cleaned up the mess made when the old suction cup one leapt to its death.

The new shower caddy came complete with the Worst Instructions Everâ„¢. They weren't even bad in a badly translated, "do not use for the other use" kind of way, they were bad in a 'being completely erroneous' kind of way.

The shower caddy comes with an option to install from the floor to the ceiling (for shower stalls) or from the top of the tub to the ceiling. If you're going with the top of tub to ceiling option (which I was), the instructions say to discard one of the tubes. Although I didn't know it yet, the instructions say to discard the wrong one.

Then the fun begins. I'm told to put a rubber cap on one end of a tube that turns out not to need a rubber cap (you can't screw a tube into the threads with a cap over them). I'm told to insert a little adjustable tube into a larger tube with a spring in it, with a picture clearly showing the little tube being inserted into the wrong end of the big tube. I'm told I have to install the little trays before I screw the whole thing together, but with the instructions having been bassackwards until now, I put them on upside down (these things were not exactly precision tooled either; it took me ages to wrestle them on and off and on again). Then I finally get the thing assembled and take it into the bathroom, which is where I discover the instructions had told me to discard the wrong tube (remember, back at the beginning?), and I have to take the whole thing apart and reassemble it with the right tube.

Worst. Instructions. Ever.

On the plus side, it looks very nice now that it's in, and it holds way more stuff than my old one. The only thing I don't like about it (besides the crappy instructions) is that it doesn't have any hooks to hang my scrub brush from like the old suction cup one did. Oh, well. I can rig something up.

I'd like to find the people who write instruction manuals, make them swap manuals, then watch them try to put something together.
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I've been bad. I didn't clean at all on Thursday or Friday. In my defense, I wasn't feeling up to it on Thursday, but I have no excuse for Friday. I'm back on target today.

I did laundry, rearranged the closet to make room for the humidifier and put the humidifier away, and put the mound of state quarters I've been collecting into their little album. I also updated the list of quarters I need in my iPAQ.
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I actually did clean yesterday, I just forgot to blog it. I went through more papers on the dining room table. I found a 2002 tax return, a stack of magazines from 1999, and ::drum roll, please:: the humidifier manual! ::does Snoopy dance::

Today's cleaning was actually way more than 15 minutes. I hadn't realized how much lime scale had built up inside the humidifier, so step one was soaking the relevant parts in vinegar and cleaning off the scale. It worked great, but may I just say how much I hate the smell of vinegar? Yuck. Step two was disinfecting the thing after the lime scale was removed. As soon as it's dry, I can put it in the closet. Yay!


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